Cast and Crew

There are alternating casts, here labelled as "red" and "blue", performing four times each.

Here is a full cast list!

8 Shows:
Oct 30th -Tuesday night (Preview) 7:30pm - Blue
Oct 31st -Wednesday (Mat) 2pm - Red
Oct 31st -Wednesday (Opening) 7:30pm - Blue
Nov 1st –Thursday 7:30pm - Red

Nov 2nd -Friday (Mat) 2pm - Red
Nov 2nd –Friday 7:30pm - Blue
Nov 3rd -Saturday (Mat) 2pm - Blue
Nov 3rd –Saturday 7:30pm - Red

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Read carefully below.
Diabetes/Actor - Andrew Dawson
Hepatitis/Writer - Scott McArdle
Doris - Corina Brown
Blanche Dubois - Sam Knox
Chorus - Kaitlyn Barry

***The Rover***
Angellica - Amy Murray
Hellena - Chloe McGrath
Florinda - Catherine Dunn
Valeria - Melanie Buchanan
Aphra Behn - Kaitlyn Barry
Lucetta - Corina Brown
Diabetes/Actor - Harriet Fettis
Hepatitis/Writer - Travis Hasson
Doris - Kate Willoughby
Blanche Dubois - Grace Johnson
Chorus - Corina Brown

***The Rover***
Angellica - Sam Knox
Hellena - Grace Johnson
Florinda - Amy Miller
Valeria - Janice Lim
Aphra Behn - Rachel Doulton
Lucetta - Catherine Parish
Trichinosis: Michael Davies
Bursitis: Selena Nemeth
Bob Fate: Talen Herzig
Wendy Fate: Melanie Buchanan
King - Jordan Holloway
Lorenzo Miller - Quentin Thony
Stanley - Nelson Gilmour
Chorus: Janice Lim, Amy Murray
Samuel L Jackson - Bob Morshidi
Doctor - Catherine Dunn
Woman from Rockingham - Amy Miller
Suicidal Man - Nik Pinnock
Stage Manager - Shamini Rajah

***The Rover***
The Rover/Willmore - Steve Capener
Moretta - Selena Nemeth
Don Pedro - Quentin Thony
Don Antonio - Jordan Holloway
Callis - Leah Toyne
Belville - Simon Meiri
Blunt - Nelson Gilmour
Fred - Travis Hasson
Sebastian - Jasmine Huilin Xie
Biskey - Shamini Rajah
Sancho - Michael Davies
Soldiers - Scott McArdle & Andrew Dawson

Crew List

Director: David Moody, Christian Mauri, Ingrid Quest, Kaitlyn Barry

Stage Managers: Grace Johnson (Production Manager), Rachel Doulton, Danica Rickard

Theatre Manager: Tim Brain

Production Designer: Tim Brain

Set Consultant, Set Designer, Head Painter & Design Consultant: Ally Snell

Set Consultant & Construction Manager: John King

Lighting crew

Collaborative lighting design by: Clare Talbot, Steve Capener & Talen Herzig

Lighting operator for God: Steve Capener

Follow spot operators for God: Travis Hasson & Scott McArdle

Lighting operator for Rover: Talen Herzig

Follow spot operator for Rover: Ingrid Quest

Scrim & Curtain Operator for God: Catherine Parrish

Scrim & Curtain Operator for Rover: Bob Morshidi

Horse Trainers: Scott McArdle, Catherine Parrish

God Machine Operators: Tim Brain, Chloe McGrath, Catherine Parrish, Ingrid Quest

Sound crew: Michael Davies (Head), Quentin Thony, Andrew Kasimir (Operator), Corina Brown, Nik Pinnock

Dance Choreography: Leah Toyne (Head), Harriet Fettis, Amy Miller, Jas Huilin Xie

Fight Choreography: Selena Nemeth (Head), Scott McArdle, Nik Pinnock

Public Relations: Amy Miller (Head), Nguyen Bao Ngoc, Sabrina Erese, Catherine Parrish, Amy Murray, Bob Morshidi (Consultant)

Front-of-house: Amy Miller (Head), Daley King, Nguyen Bao Ngoc, Sabrina Erese, Catherine Parrish, Bob Morshidi, Andrew Dawson, Kate Willoughby, Shamini Rajah Kot-Hui Tze

Set Design: Selena Nemeth, Kate Sophia Willoughby, Scott McArdle, Ally Snell, Jordan Holloway, Travis Hasson

Set Construction: , Selena Nemeth, Kate Sophia Willoughby, Andrew Dawson,  Sam Knox, Nelson Gilmour, Ally Snell, Simon Meiri, Talen Herzig

Hair Design: Janice Lim

Costume: Kate Sophia Willoughby, Chloe McGrath, Melanie Buchanan, Catherine Dunn

Make-Up: Leah Toyne, Sam Knox, Harriet Fettis

Mentors: Bob Morshidi, Ingrid Quest, Kaitlyn Barry, Clare Talbot

Website Design: Jordan Keightley, Bob Morshidi

Media and Film: Meredith Lindsay, Callum Koch, Kristen Berry, Ryan Meakins 

Special Thanks to:

Murdoch University
Ally Snell
Red Hot Design
Serina Dosen

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