Pictures Courtesy of Scott McArdle and Sabrina Erese

Designed by Nguyen Bao Ngoc and Sabrina Erese
Nelson Gilmour as Blunt (The Rover)
Head of PR Amy Miller as Florinda (The Rover)

Andrew Dawson as Diabetes (God)
Shamini Rajah as Biskey and Jasmine Xie as Sebastian (The Rover)
Jordan Holloway as Don Antonio (The Rover)
Director Doctor David Moody (God and The Rover) and Theatre Manager and Production Designer Tim Brain
L-R: Michael Davies as Trichinosis, Harriet Elisabeth Fettis as Diabetes and Jordan Holloway as the King (God)
Jordan Holloway as The King (God)
Travis Hasson as Hepatitis, Janice Lim, Amy Murray and Corina Brown as the Chorus (God)
Lighting Designer Clare Talbot and Steve Capener as Wilmore (The Rover)
Director Ingrid Quest (The Rover)
Director Christian Mauri (God)
Sam Knox as Angellica and Melanie Buchanan as Valeria
R: Scott McArdle as Hepatitis

Bob Morshidi as The Pimp
Amy Murray, Janice Lim and Kaitlyn Barry as the Chorus (God) Kaitlyn is also one of the Directors for the Rover
Quentin Thony as Don Pedro
Amy Murray as Angellica
Lighting Operator Talen Herzig as Bob Fate

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